Oméga Park

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Summer is fun for outdoor activities that you can go for in order to feel great with your loved ones. Even if you cannot afford a vacation, you can still look onto low-cost getaways. Avoid falling for traveling packages that will simply drain your whole budget. Family fun is about having the best time of the week. Today, I want to share with you unforgettable emotions from visiting Oméga park in a small Montebello village. 

Located approximately 1 hour from Montreal or Ottawa, Oméga park lets you discover the wildlife of Canada such as moose, elk, bison, wolves and bears all within their natural environment. Open year-round, the park offers several activities for all ages such as animations, picnic areas, hiking trails… for a unique and unforgettable day.

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The park is a drive-through experience, meaning visitors stay in their cars and drive through the park on a winding trail. The park runs two low-power FM radios stations that provide guidance and direction, in English and French. The complete experience takes about two to three hours. Bags of carrots can be purchased at the visitors center at the start of the tour; these are fed to “safe” animals throughout the tour, which come up to a visitor’s car for treats.


The very first animals who welcomes you are Deers. The most friendly animals – the white-tailed deer is a small deer, about 90 cm at the shoulder.



During your car journey in the park, you will discover the bison or buffalo. This is the largest ungulate; males may reach a weight of approximately one ton. Its weight and considerable strength make it a dangerous animal even without aggressive intentions.

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What I loved more about this park, is that it is divided into different zones but very naturally, and from sunny area you, suddenly, enter into a smoggy, wet forest.



There are two varieties of wolf at Parc Oméga: the grey wolf and the arctic wolf. This arctic wolf differentiates itself by its white coat which includes just a few grey hairs. They are robust and their muzzle, ears and legs are shorter than other wolves. They can adapt very easily to cold temperatures and their white fur is a camouflage. The arctic wolf is a grey wolf subspecies. It lives on Canadian arctic islands and on the Greenland Northern and Eastern shores.


During the expedition in the park, you will see the black bears. It is the most common bear in Canada. An animal of great strength, it has frightening claws and teeth. Males weigh 170 kg in average and females 135 kg.


The elk or wapiti, is one of the largest species within the deer family ”Cervidae” in the world, and one of the largest land mammals in North America. They are top on the list of animals that many wildlife watchers want to see. Elk are the second largest deer in the park next to moose.


The moose is the largest member of the deer family, and stands taller at the shoulder than the largest saddle horse. The moose gets its humped appearance from its deep and incredibly muscled shoulders. Moose are powerful swimmers, sometimes diving 5 m or more for plants at the bottom of a lake.


Nature is good for us, in all kind of ways!  Our society faces  to ”diseases of indoor living”. An appreciation of nature helps our kids understand that they’re part of a larger universe and that all living things serve a purpose. Teach your kids to explore the woods with eyes, ears, nose and fingers. Bring binoculars for a close-up look at plants, flowers and trees. Observe animals and their behavior. Let your kids grow in healthy atmosphere!


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