Sporty Chic


No, I am not talking about wearing yoga pants all day, every day… but more like old school sports jerseys, graphic t-shirts and varsity jackets matched up with leather skirts, skinny jeans and tennis shorts. Such looks will give you sports luxe looks on the street, and I am b-a-n-a-n-a-s about this trend. What’s not to love? It’s a winning combo of Sporty Chic + comfort.


Sporty chic is still in trend this year. What is so special about this trend anyway? The thing is, it coexists harmoniously with any other styles, making sophisticated and professional ladies look more relaxed and casual. It is all about long football jerseys, tank dresses, pastel crop-tops, cool sneakers and trainers, in other words, everything you need to look ”Le Sport Chic”. Personally, I like these kind of outfits, for comfortable garments and what makes these outfits fit your street-style and working weeks. I love the way activewear, today, instantly transformed into a chic display of casual glamour.


Skateboarding is my last obsession! Skateboarding means something different to just about everybody. Think about it – you could mean riding a ramp, technical tricks, riding a longboard across campus, bombing a hill with deep curves, skate park or anything else you like doing on a board with wheels nailed to the bottom. And then there’s the deeper reasons to skate – creativity, freedom, destruction… And here’s the thing – it’s all right. A lot of people throw out such feelings in sport.

“The secret of joy is the mastery of pain.” ~ Anais Nin  


For today’s outfit wearing very comfy sporty dress which I matched with leather sleeveless jacket of an old times fashion. The head scarves or so called headwraps are always a great accessory and can really make a fashion statement. It’s an easy way to accessorize your outfit in several minutes. All you need is a head scarf and you are good to go. Choose some silky, light weight scarves with interesting prints or with pop of colours.

2H3A4820 (1).jpg








Dress – Asos // Sleveless leather jacket – Italian leather // Bag – Rebecca Minkoff

Headscarf – Old // Sneakers – Adidas SuperStar

Accessories – Swarovski & Aldo // Watch – Lacoste


2 thoughts on “Sporty Chic

  1. Ты такая прикольная в этом аутфите 😍 Выглядит одновременно и женственно, и спортивно 👍 Но для нас, живущих в Европе, очень не обычно 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Спасибо, Ирина💞 Очень рада, что понравилась задумка)) Думаю, на скейте, я особенно эффектно выгляжу в этом платье😂😻 Для многих канадцев, этот аутфит тоже необычен. Но мне понравилась реакция людей в парке: у всех появлялась добродушная улыбка и все смотрели вслед и желали отличного дня)) мне нравится поднимать настроение!💯💙


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