Hello Everyone! In today’s beauty post I will share with you my honest experience about tape-in extensions. Why wear tape-in extensions? What is it? What to look for and ask on a first consultation?

After carefully reviewing different salons here in Montreal, I’ve chosen MTL Extensions. If you are from QC area, I truly recommend this place, and ask for Gabrielle! To tell you the truth, I am very skeptical to any changes regarding my hair style or face. It is a great contradiction, comparable to fashion outfits, where I always go for something new. 😉 I was very anxious about the final result: the colour, the style.. but Gabrielle made it easy going! MTL Extensions is a very pleasurable environment, little fancy place but so heart warming!

Why I chose tape-ins? I do have volume, but my hair is very fine, and yes, I do not have enough patience for growing them long enough to create different looks.:) On the first free consultation, you will discuss with a hair-stylist the length, the colour and what you are expecting to see as a final result when you install extensions. Bring pictures, anything that could help you express yourself and find exactly what you are looking for!

Tape-ins are the fastest semi-permanent hair extension method and most requested in salons worldwide. Tape-in hair extensions are the perfect hair extensions. Why, you ask? Well, to start off they’re invisible. The strong, non-damaging tape will lay flat on your head so each extension blends in with your natural hair. If your hair is wet or in a ponytail, the hair extensions will not be seen. They seamlessly blend into your hair whether it’s wet or dry.

Why wear tape-in extensions? Believe it or not, tape-ins extensions are lightweight. By comparison, clipped-in hair extensions or keratin ones are heavy and they do not lie flat on the head. Tape-in hair extensions are less bulky and the tape makes each weft much lighter. Overall, it’s more comfortable and breathable!

The best part about tape-in hair extensions is that they’re reusable. You can re-tape any weft of hair for up to a year. When maintained properly, they will continue to look and feel like new!

Have you had extensions? Which ones do you love?

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