Effortlessly Cool in Puffer

When it come to trends, it isn’t often that functional as fashionable. Usually, you have to make some kind of sacrifice to your comfort to really pull off a trendy piece. But a puffer jacket isn’t exactly known as a fashion statement—they’re practical and necessary. But the fashion had decided that this year, puffer coats are also on-trend.

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Fashion Accessories

Let’s talk about fashion accessories – hats are one of my favourites! A hat can completely change the look. An outfit can go from simple to interesting just by adding a stylish hat.

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In my Leopard Era

Leopard print is already a timeless trend that looks great on classic outerwear pieces. This pattern can go a long way in livening up any outfit. Another great thing about this cool staple is the contrasting colours that make you noticed in the crowd.

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How to style Ultra Mini Uggs

You can style them with sweatpants or leggings or dress them up with either a sweater dress or your favourite pair of jeans. Plus, Ugg boots will keep your feet warm while keeping your look on-trend.

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RUSSIAN LANGUAGE WILL FOLLOW // На русском читайте ниже🙂


The cold season is here so it is time to bring out your coats. These are an essential and daily wear item for the cold weather. I’ve been looking for a classic long belted coat for a long time, and was happy to take the last one until it was sold out completely! 😉  Continue reading

Pumpkin Patch

RUSSIAN LANGUAGE WILL FOLLOW // На русском читайте ниже🙂


Sweet, orange-fleshed pumpkins occupy a place on the table in many homes this time of year. Scooping out Halloween pumpkin faces means buckets of fun and buckets of entrails from the vast Cinderella famed vegetable – remember her carriage! Make the season memorable and pick your own Halloween pumpkin! Continue reading

Oh la Lavande

RUSSIAN LANGUAGE WILL FOLLOW // На русском читайте ниже🙂


Have you ever been to a lavender field? We went to Maison Lavande in Montreal suburb this past week for the very first time, and now I want to make this mini-adventure for you. There’s something magical about walking along a sea of purple, smelling lavender and hearing the gentle hum of bees flying from petal to petal. Continue reading