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Mocha Time

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”Mocha – Coffee with hot chocolate. Mocha – is melancholy. Thick and viscous. But even there the milk mocha. And the sweetness, the one that you will not find in espresso, for example. Her and feel at once, and each time did not really understand why it was ordered. Only then you remember, at the very moment when it becomes sweet.” Max Frye Read more…

FridayPost – what is this?

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I decided to create a special section in my blog, where I will share with you my thoughts, my travel diaries, my life. Today I want to make a post about the city where I live – Montreal, the port town. The largest French-speaking city in North America moves to the beat of multiculturalism. Canada is remarkable immigrant diversity. Everyone can find here a proper place, as I did as well with my family. Read more…