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Pinky Vibes


Hello Everyone! It seems that spring is finally here in Montreal. In need of a little pink inspiration — I wanted to create a spring look based on a pale pink colour.

Pink is a hue traditionally associated with all things “girly.” For some reason (call it instinct; call it social conditioning), a lot of women, including myself, are simply drawn to the Barbie shade. Pink puts me in a gleeful mood and brings out the daintier side of my personality, and I must say, pink fashion gets me in a dreamy, almost nostalgic state of mind. Read more…

Whales Excursion


Today, I am very excited to tell you about the whales excursion. If you ever have the chance to make it please do it! This is my 2nd excursion and it is an unbelievable experience! I had the opportunity to visit Rivière-du-Loup – a small city on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec. The maritime regions of Québec are home to some of the best whale-watching sites in the world. You are guaranteed an exciting experience. Between End of April and October, up to 13 species of cetaceans are found in the salty waters of the St. Lawrence, including blue whales, the largest animals on the planet, and impressive humpbacks, which swim up into the mouth of the Saguenay Fjord near Tadoussac to feed. In some places you can even watch them from the shore. I was so lucky to see humpbacks jumping out the water and when you see such giants playing it’s just out of breath! Read more…

Soul Revolution


It is hard to find the balance in life which is key to everything; to live in harmony with yourself and confidence in the future. Every day we are balancing on the precipice ready to break at any moment and at that very moment it is so important to have someone who will always support and  will tell you the right way… and if there is no one to be there for you, we just fall down nowhere. What helps you to stay afloat? What feeds your ideas and goals every day and makes you keep going forward? Certainly, Love. Of course, Family and Friends, that make your life filled with emotions; and yet we are encouraged by the love of self-esteem and development. Read more…

Rock it!


I want to dispel the myth that rock and gothic style in fashion as a rule, is always gloomy and supported by the representatives of the same name subculture. Their clothing is dark, and consists of trousers, shirts, corsets and magnificent skirts. They wear silver skull and crosses around the neck. From this style emanates a certain tenderness and world beyond the grave, as members of society prefer gothic pale complexion framed by dark hair, black lips, nails and eyeliner. And this way of supporting both girls and boys. Thus, according to the majority, gothic clothing – it is a certain way to express your feelings and dark thoughts.  Read more…

Parisienne Look


“French charm”, “French style” – how many times have we heard this phrase? France made a lot in order to be considered a world mecca of fashion and style. Not surprisingly, the first time coming to France, many expect to see on the streets of French cities Women, like just coming down from the catwalks of fashion shows. However, the real street style, is totally different. So, if you generalize, the Parisian style is based on three pillars: the appropriateness, elegance and demeanor. These are the key concepts, which correspond to the style of French, even if at first it does not make you bright impressions. Read more…



Flared jeans are back in style! Seriously, flares are just about the most exciting thing to happen to denim since the advent of skinny jeans. In fact, ’70-s references abound this season, and while flares are obviously one of those trends -a modern twist.

I love a lot skinny jeans but after wearing them so often for the past few years, I would like to add something different to my denim style. Read more…

Collagen Masks


Hello, Everyone! Today is another beauty post, and I want to share my own experience about collagen masks. There are a number of treatment options for those who want to look younger, from cosmetic surgery to laser skin resurfacing, but when it comes to ease of use and avoiding after-procedure downtime, a collagen mask may be a useful option for some people. These masks are designed to rejuvenate skin and boost collagen production to tighten skin and get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen mask kits can be purchased at spas, pharmacies, and beauty supply outlets, as well as through a multitude of online retailers. My choice today is Satin Smooth Ultimate Collagen Lift Mask.  Read more…

Sneakers – fashion trend


Sneakers – a silver line between heels and flat shoes. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you are probably aware of everyone’s latest fashion obsession: THE SNEAKERS! Why? Because fashion today is about having fun, looking chic and sophisticated rather than too polished. Whether dressing them up or down, wearing them to run errands or to hop from one fitness class to the next, there are a million ways to style your sneakers. Sneakers aren’t just for the gym anymore, but rather a cool, low-maintenance addition to an otherwise style-minded outfit. Read more…

Makeup Foundation Review

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Hello, Everyone! I receive frequently questions from you guys, which beauty products I use in order to keep my face “nude”, clean and fresh! Today’s beauty post is about how to choose the right makeup foundation and my own review on several products.

Foundation is an important facet of a makeup – the blank canvas on which the rest of your makeup is applied. It is the base for any makeup application – to hide facial imperfections such as scars, depressions and pigmented areas of the skin. According to Cindy Crawford, foundation is the most individualized makeup you wear. Foundation is not merely about adding color to your skin but also as a protective covering from the drying sun, wind and air conditioning. I prepared for you a small review of beauty products I use frequently and recommend. 😉 Read more…

Black & White is always right

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Karl Lagerfeld once said: ”Black and White always looks modern, whatever that word means.” The perfection of high contrast looks that is hard to put in words but is chic as soon as we see it. Maybe you prefer not to think about matching your clothes or maybe you are all about minimalist neutrals but for some women — colour simply isn’t that appealing. If that describes you, there’s a chance that black and white outfits make up the bulk of your wardrobe. Read more…


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Canadian winter can be tough, especially, when -20C outside it is not a limit! Montreal island is surrounded by water, and it is extremely cold because of the freezing wind and humidity. The temperatures may feel colder than the actual temperature. If the weather forecast prognosis -16C with windchill you may feel it as -29C.

In such weather you want to feel warm and protected from cold and piercing wind. In today’s outfit I am wearing long wool coat that covers me from such wind. You might see that details make the whole difference of an outfit! Read more…

Top Favourite Fragrances

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I do not do as much beauty posts as I would like on my blog so that is why today’s post is all about my Top Favourite Fragrances! I love good perfumes and smelling good makes me feel amazing! Perfumes are like an accessory – they complete an outfit!

My favourite type of scent is fresh and fruity smell, something sweet is not really me but there are exceptions. 🙂 I like stronger perfumes too but some of them can give me a headache. For example, I find Fendi sweet but I never have a headache after it. I wouldn’t say I am picky when it comes to perfumes but I do like certain types as you do for sure. Read more…

Shop online

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Who doesn’t like to shop? Buying new things is fun — except for when it takes so much time that it becomes more of a chore than a pleasure. I enjoy online shopping for more than 5 years already, and I started to enjoy it even more since I became a mom. Every parent will agree with me that it is a torture to go shopping with a kid. You do not really see anything because you need to watch your child!  Nowadays, more people than ever before in history are using the WEB to shop for a wide variety of items, from houses to shoes to airplane tickets. Read more…

Winter Layers

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Happy New Year 2016, Everyone! 🙂 The very first post on my blog in this year, I would like to start with such cozy warm look. Winter, finally, came to Canada, and we were blessed to have such a great weather for holidays! I love these first snowing days when the snow is so white, so bright and so fresh. You go out, and you do not have enough breathe in this fresh air. You are in wonderland… at this time of a year everyone believes in miracles.

Winters in Canada are cold but it does not mean that your outfit should be unflattering and boring, right?  In fact, in the cold season you have even more options to style your looks. I find that getting dressed has never been easier than nowadays. Read more…

City Girl

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I consider myself as a typical city girl. The conditions of a big city life drove a modern woman into the rigid framework – she needs to be a valuable employee, a loving wife, a good housewife, a perfect mother and she still needs to look the best. It is not surprising that in order to survive and to do everything in a mad megalopolis, lady sometimes unconsciously turns into a kind of “universal soldier”. It is well-known fact that driving a car makes your life easier. Honestly, it completely changed my life! Besides of the comfort, it brings you to the necessity of changing your schedule and gives a new mode of a life. You think about going early in order not to be stuck in a traffic, it helps you to stay more focused on the details and things you do. At the same time, you do not depend on public transport and do not bother yourself about other people there which I find awesome!  Read more…

It’s all about hat

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A hat can make or break an outfit. Hats are like love. For a long time I thought that hats are not for me, my face is square and hair is too short for it. I will assure you, there is a hat out there for everyone… and once you find it, you’ll know.

Yes, wearing a hat is eccentric, and when you’re wearing one – people will talk about you. I’ve become attracted to hats for the same reason, and now I am rarely spotted without the cap on my head. Read more…


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Effortlessly sexy and delightfully dramatic, over-the-knee boots also happens to be every bit as functional as it is fashionable. When you wear over-the-knees in a certain way, it can give off a seriously sexy vibe if you pair them with a mini-skirt or wear them with a high heel. Everyone better watch out! 🙂

At the same time, lots of people do not realize that these boots can also be super casual. Everything depends how you want to wear them, but you need to buy a pair! And once you have them, you need to check out all of the ways you can style them. You can match these type of boots with pretty everything: dress and skirt, even a long sweater and tights, jeans and shorts, with leggings and tunics… Read more…

My Skin Care Routine

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Hello, Everyone! If you follow me, you probably managed that good looking is important for me. I think that the great look starts from your skin. I love good skin care! Makeup cannot work completely magic! You have to have a skincare routine in order to have good looking skin, which will then result in better looking makeup!

After trying many products for the skin care I, finally, found the best option for me – Zorah BioCosmètiques. This is a Canadian product that I am totally obsessed with and cannot believe how I was living without it! What I like about this particular line is that it helps to create a fresh look without feeling swollen after a night and has a perfect soft texture that covers your face/body as a silk.  Read more…

Yay or Nay for Oversized Coat?

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Hello, guys! Did you miss me? I did! I was working on some new projects that you’ll see soon on my blog. 🙂 Let’s talk about oversized coat today.

BIG is beautiful this autumn. Lots of designers offered exaggerated looks in their latest collections, with variety of the fabrics and colours choice. My mission today is to help you – how to wear such type of coat and combine it. I think the very first question that you will have – but, will an oversized coat work for me? Read more…

Russian Matryoshka

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Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you spent an awesome Black Friday time on weekend. I was lucky this year on Black Friday and found some interesting things that I will show you later in my outfits.  Follow me and you will not miss it! Today, I was inspired by Matryoshka style, an adorable nesting doll that I saw everywhere in my childhood and grew up with. Cute and colourful with rosy cheeks dolls fascinated me when I was a small girl. Read more…

Awesome Dinosaurs

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2H3A1440 (1)

Winter is coming quickly… So what to do in the city when it’s getting cold? In my first post in this category, I was talking about Montreal activities already. Today, I wanted to share with you my good impressions from the informative exhibition for kids in Old Port of Montreal City. My kid is crazy about dinosaurs, that is why we were lucky to visit an opened exhibition in Science Center. Read more…

2 outfits in 1

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Hello guys, hope your week is going great. 🙂 November almost finished and we are getting closer to the cold season but when it’s sunny outside you never know what to wear because it looks warm. Today I had 2 outfits in 1.  I did not plan it, honestly. 🙂 The sun was shining and it was warm and nice but as soon as sun went behind the clouds, the temperature dropped below 5 degrees right away. That is why today I will show you one look with two different jackets. Read more…

Non-Boring Grey

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I decided to start my Monday with a life-asserting post, if we could say so. Everything in our lives happens for a reason. Smile through the tears and never ever give up! If you fall – get up and make it even better! My motto is: ”Through darkness comes light”. What we don’t realize is that these struggles are gifts from life itself. Read more…

Learned to be a happier mom

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For a while, I didn’t understand that happiness is something you create and responsible for. I did not know how to create my own happiness and thoughts without being worried about everything.  Honestly, all my life I am in rush… in rush of living, in rush of eating, in rush of doing many things at the same time.  I always worry about everything, and this is part of my character that I am fighting with. Sometimes I hear from my friends, who do not have kids – how do I find time for everything, and why I am still looking good? It took me a while to understand these principals! Read more…

Baseball Fan

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Taking a walk around the neighbourhood in search of a suitable place for my new outfit, we found a baseball field with the beautiful painted wall. Being Russian, in a way means being a soccer fan (football – how we call it in Europe) or hockey fan. Baseball is not a common game for us, but for North Americans it is. As a sportive person and a mom of a 3 y.o. boy, I am thinking already about his sport future. Read more…

Office Wear Tips

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Happy Monday, everyone! Mondays… They’re the best of times, they’re the worst of times. Cause the recurring question of what to wear to work, is pertinent from Monday all throughout Friday, why not take a deep breath and put our creative fashion minds to work. With one side note: we need to figure out how to stop dressing boring to work!

Read more…