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Lace & Leather

RUSSIAN LANGUAGE WILL FOLLOW // На русском читайте ниже🙂


Mixing styles, is about having fun discovering outfits that reflect you. It’s supposed to be personal and uniquely you. Find a style that speaks to you and mix it with another style that gives a perfect look. In today’s outfit I mixed lace and leather, feminine and masculine. The idea of wearing leather on a hot summer’s day sounds about as delightful as sporting an open-back dress in the dead of winter. Unfortunately, summer almost finished… Hello, Autumn! Read more…

Sudio Sweden

RUSSIAN LANGUAGE WILL FOLLOW // На русском читайте ниже 🙂


What do you get for a person who is fashionable addicted or for someone who appreciates quality and design? Something very, very thoughtful. Sudio Sweden – is the answer! If music is an important aspect of your life, then having great headphones is a MUST. Whether you are exercising, working, travelling or just relaxing – you want the best quality. Read more…

Gaspésie Journey – Day 2

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A hiking hotspot, Parc national de la Gaspésie gives visitors access to an extraordinary mountain environment. The Chic-Chocs and McGerrigle Mountains cross the park. Among them, Mont Jacques Cartier is the second highest peak in Québec. The altitude of these mountains deeply influences the climate that moulds the landscape and creates a diversity of species unique to Québec and even the world. Arctic-alpine plants and tundra landscapes form a habitat for a herd of woodland caribou, the last representatives of this species south of the St. Lawrence. Read more…

Gaspésie Journey – Day 1

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I tell you this story about the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life, but come to prepare for a long drive and hard hiking. It is about a breathtaking place, one that is full of curious equivocations; somewhere half serene, half rugged, on the lip of a body of water that is half river, half sea. I think everyone should know about it for it holds so much beauty, so much Canadian history. Recognized by National Geographic Traveler as one of Canada’s 50 Places of a Lifetime, Gaspésie gives you the opportunity to discover four national parks; famous Percé Rock; the world’s most accessible northern gannet colony; a UNESCO World Heritage Site; moose; summits over 1000 metres; lighthouses; Chaleur Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the world; remarkable historic sites and much more.

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Today’s post is about country style chic. 🙂 History always likes to repeat itself in everything and fashion is something that the younger generation wants to constantly experiment with and they like to try the trends of the older generation. Fashion world is constantly replacing newer clothes in volumes and proportions. Such an example is the return of the flared pants. Fitted from the top and flared at the bottom is the trademark of these pants. They sometimes don’t look decent but if accompanied with gorgeous pieces and styled perfectly you can look polished. Read more…

Travelling with kids


Deciding where to go with your kids in Canada can be a daunting decision. Mountains, prairies, beaches, ice fields and easy-going cities are strewn across six time zones. Yet between sure-bet wildlife sightings, meeting real-life cowboys, hands-on learning about pirate history, roaming the plains for dinosaur fossils and ice-skating on mountain lakes, it’s impossible to make a bad choice. Add the fact that Canada caters to kids better than nearly any other country in the world and you may find yourself as many people do – bringing the kids back year after year. Read more…

Midi Skirts


In the previous post we spoke about details and personal style. Today, there will be a look to the fashion history. We will come back to 70s and 90s, and it is all about combining two different epochs.

The MIDI skirt was a popular length in the 1940s, a fashion decade known for its elegance and grace, and it is characterized by its length, which can reach anywhere from just below the knee to mid-calf. By the ’60s, the MIDI was out, replaced by the more revealing and progressive MINI skirt. After this breath of freedom, however, came the fated year of 1970, and with it, year of MIDI again. Read more…



People generally recognize you by your face, the eyeglasses you choose to wear are a very real part of your identity. Whether you want to appear sophisticated, fun-loving, youthful, conservative or style-conscious, the right eye-wear can help you shape how you are perceived. And if you choose to wear only one pair of eyeglasses for everything you do, that says something about you, too! Read more…

Rawdon Park


Motivation is not an unlimited wellspring but a battery that has to be kept fully charged. While the idea of travel is always inspiring, sometimes life gets in the way and then suddenly, your eyes are no longer on the prize. Motivated people can achieve anything they set their mind to. But how does one stay motivated, especially to travel, when you are busy working and living life while your family or friends disparage your ideas, you’re overwhelmed planning your trip, or maybe you’re just burnt out from being on the road? It’s important to find ways to stay motivated. 🙂 Read more…



The current off-the-shoulder trend is one of the hottest looks this season and there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t join in. The off-the-shoulder design can be found in tops or in dresses, making it endlessly versatile and extremely popular. It is the best way to combine sexiness with sophistication. In today’s outfit I am demonstrating a cute and relaxed style here, wearing the classic blue on a loose fitting off the shoulder dress from Zara. I love the simplicity of this off-the-shoulder style.

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Sporty Chic


No, I am not talking about wearing yoga pants all day, every day… but more like old school sports jerseys, graphic t-shirts and varsity jackets matched up with leather skirts, skinny jeans and tennis shorts. Such looks will give you sports luxe looks on the street, and I am b-a-n-a-n-a-s about this trend. What’s not to love? It’s a winning combo of Sporty Chic + comfort.

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Oméga Park

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Summer is fun for outdoor activities that you can go for in order to feel great with your loved ones. Even if you cannot afford a vacation, you can still look onto low-cost getaways. Avoid falling for traveling packages that will simply drain your whole budget. Family fun is about having the best time of the week. Today, I want to share with you unforgettable emotions from visiting Oméga park in a small Montebello village.  Read more…

Green Smoothies

Hello Everyone! Today, I would like to speak with you about our healthy life. 🙂 I love a lot smoothies. I find that smoothies let you consume a lot more fruit than you usually would during a sitting, which means that even if you’re not adding sweeteners like honey or agave, you’ll still be getting a good deal of sugar. Green smoothies are not only a unique colour but they also offer unique health benefits. Made with leafy greens that are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, green smoothies are an excellent way to enjoy a delicious drink that satisfies hunger and offers maximum nutrition. Read more…



If there is one adjective that is discussed pretty much when it comes to women, it’s femininity. Judging by how often it’s discussed, it’s easily the most sought-after quality after beauty. To most men, feminity is like the proverbial oasis in a dry desert. Feminity is what the Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León would’ve been looking for if he hadn’t been looking for the fountain of youth. But whereas beauty is easily understood and needs no further explanation – for men you’re either attracted or not, feminity is more opaque and complicated. Read more…



If you were to take a look inside your favorite blogger’s closet, I guarantee you’d find a pair of covetable espadrilles. The summery shoe trend is the perfect solution for a casual, comfortable and stylish look. Plus, since almost every blogger owns a pair, there is endless outfit inspiration for you to try the trend yourself! It’s not difficult to understand why, they are unbelievably comfortable, surprisingly stylish and look great with jeans,  pants, skirts and dresses. Read more…


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My mom always told me my freckles were “sun kisses.” We all have cells in our skin called melanocytes. These specialized cells are designed to protect us from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. They do so by producing a pigmented protein called melanin. Melanin acts like a pair of sunglasses for your skin by making it darker. In many people, these melanocytes are spread out evenly throughout the body, but in others they are not. They get bunched up together, resulting in freckles. Read more…



The charm does not end at the Old Québec City and today, I want to share with you an amazing trip to Parc de la Chute-Montmorency which is a few minutes away from it. Located between the river and the cliffs, it’s one of the province’s most spectacular sites. With its 83 meters high (30 meters higher than Niagara Falls), Montmorency Falls dominates the landscape. It can be discovered on foot, by cable car, or from the gourmet restaurant. For the more active, a 300-meters double zipline, and the via ferrata, a hiking trail on a cliff, promises some adrenaline and breathtaking views. Accessible year-round, the site works its magic day and night. The entire cove of the park has been illuminated after dark. Let’s discover this impressive and enchanting spot together! Read more…

Québec City Day 1


Hello from Québec City! The crown jewel of French Canada, Québec City is one of North America’s oldest and most magnificent settlements. Its picturesque Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a living museum of narrow cobblestone streets, 17th- and 18th-century houses and soaring church spires, with the splendid Château Frontenac towering above it all. There’s more than a glimmer of Old Europe in its classic bistros, sidewalk cafes and manicured squares. Dating to 1608, it retains its fortified colonial core, Vieux-Québec and Place Royale, with its narrow streets. Read more…

Sunshine Essentials


Summer means pool, beach and lots of sun! Today, I want talk about some of my essentials for these hot days of fun and happiness at the beach or at the pool.
This year I discovered some new products for summer and there are suntan lotions and sunscreens from Vichy and L’Oreal. They have an amazing smell and that is very important for me because I am very special with this kind of things, plus they give to your skin a lot of moisturize which is amazing, specially during summer when I have my skin dry.

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Caribbean Life Diary 4


Today’s post is the last one about my Caribbean trip. There are so many pictures and memories about this incredible paradise that I still want to share with you!

For the last page of my Caribbean life diary I want to tell you about Saona Island and Manati Park, extremely virgin and wild places… only the sound of the birds, the beach waves… a special peace.   Read more…

Caribbean Life Diary 3

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Hello Everyone! Today, we continue our trip in Dominican Republic. The siren song beckoning us to the Caribbean beach. We have long acknowledged that there is something about millions of grains of sand massaged by waves that simply and totally intoxicates us. But in a region full of great beaches and great hotels, it is not always easy to find the right ones, the ones that have the perfect mix of beach and hotel quality. So what you can do at all-inclusive luxury resort? You can make your stay HAPPY – visiting sightseeing and exploring the seaside area.  Read more…

Picnic in Lilac Time


Summer is a perfect time to have picnics in parks or neighborhood area. Today, I want to share with you my emotions and outfit of this sunny picnic. Sitting there on the grass, we got to enjoy an interesting assortment of cheese, sandwiches, fruits and lots of chocolates. Of course, a sparkling cider always helps improving the experience :). I absolutely love the most amazing fruity and refreshing taste of it, with a hint of apples, pears and honeysuckle.
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Lace & Poppies

RUSSIAN LANGUAGE WILL FOLLOW // На русском читайте ниже🙂


Happy Monday, Everyone! Today, I want to share with you a few images of one of my favourite dresses at the moment. I found this pearl dream to wear! So much perfection concentrated in one little dress: the lace, the colour, the fit and length… I love it! In fact, I find myself so obsessed I keep inventing ways I can downplay it in different outfits. So far, heels and aviator jacket seem to be the winning combination, but I am committed to coming up with more. Read more…

Caribbean Life Diary 2


Hello Everyone! Talking about my last trip to Dominican Republic, the next stop was at Macao Surf Camp. The name Punta Cana conjures images of the endless white-sand beaches, swaying palm-trees, seaside sundowners and a relaxed Caribbean vibe. There is also plenty to explore, and that nearby Bavaro is a hub of activity. Read more…

Caribbean Life Diary 1

In today’ s post, I will be sharing memories from my trip to Dominican Republic. However, before going further about that, there are so many pictures that I would like to share from these last weeks in Caribbean islands. My stay there has been truly incredible!

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5 must-sees in Ottawa


Ottawa, the capital of Canada, was our destination for a weekend. A cosmopolitan city on the Ottawa River, it has at its center Parliament Hill, with grand Victorian architecture and renowned museums such as the glass-and-granite National Gallery, with noted collections from Canadian and Indigenous artists. The park-lined Rideau Canal is filled with boats in summer. Canada is a ”Nouvelle France” since 1534 and it is filled with the European spirit – mostly by Gothic styled architecture.

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Alpha Aviator


The Aviator Parka or Bomber Jacket is an icon of enduring style. Since its inception a century ago, it has clothed the backs of war time fighter pilots, movie stars and A-list footballers. As with most menswear classics, the aviator parka / bomber jacket started life as a military jacket. With the introduction of air combat during WWII, pilots required jackets that could be worn in cramped cockpits at high altitude. Since then, the aviator / bomber jacket has gained popularity among youth subcultures like much of the military wear that came before it. Read more…

Elegant Stuart Weitzman


Christian Dior said: ”You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.” Flats, heels, boots, ballets, sandals, clogs, platforms, wedges, lace-ups, etc… – I love shoes, desire and lust after them. I feel my heart race when I look at shoes I am considering buying, feel a jolt of joy when I wear them the first time. I know that I need to have shoes like I know that I need to eat and breathe. Perhaps, I wouldn’t die if I had to wear the same drab pair of shoes for the rest of my life but some part of me would wilt and fade.  Read more…

Tulip Festival


Hello Everyone! How is your weekend going so far? Today, I would like to present you a very casual and chic outfit which is great for travelling with a kid . Yesterday, we spent a lovely day on Ottawa Tulip Festival. The celebration founded on international friendship with the 1945 presentation of 100,000 tulip bulbs from Princess Juliana of the Netherlands to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, given in appreciation of the safe haven that members of Holland’s exiled royal family received during World War II in Ottawa and in recognition of the role which Canadian troops played in the liberation of the Netherlands. Read more…

Mother’s Day


Saying Happy Mother’s day, it is about truly letting our moms know how much they are appreciated and cared for.Without moms where would we be as a society? It is safe to say that our society would be significantly smaller, colder and more ill-mannered. It is our mom that teaches us how to nurture and how to love. It is through her guidance that we as individuals learn how to be empathetic and sympathetic to those around us. How many times have you been in a public place and seen a child get hurt and 3 or 4 moms run to the aid of that child. Obviously they are all not the child’s mother, but there is a need there… a willingness to make sure those around them are alright. Read more…