Crochet cardigan

Crochet knits of all types have shot to the top of the hottest trends lists—dresses, cardigans, and tops.

Wearing a crochet knits can take your basic look, and turn it into a complete outfit. The texture and retro vibes transform anything they’re paired with instantly, and it’s the one summer trend I absolutely can’t get enough of.

This summer is all about easy-to-wear, comfortable, and effortless style. The crochet trend falls right in line with that effortless cool-girl aesthetic. It’s unique yet still easy, breezy, and attainable.

When you think of crochet, you might immediately think of your grandma’s favourite hobby. However, you can drop that thought from your mind because crochet is cool again.

How to wear crochet? You can start with a simple crochet top in a gorgeous neutral hue. This trend lends itself to an overall effortless look—so a cute crochet pairs perfectly with your skirt or favourite denim.

Despite their casual, beachy vibe, the crochet knits give a surprisingly chic, almost minimalist spin to your look.

Crochet cardigan – ZARA

Satin midi skirt – Mango

Ballerina shoes – Chanel

Chanel Flap Bag – CHANEL // Holt Renfrew Canada

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