Chanel Heart bag

Cheeky, sweet and memorable all at once, heart-shaped bags are the cutest accessory form. The love heart motif is actually a trend with staying powerful.

The Chanel Heart 22S is one of my favourite luxury heart bags! I’ve loved it since I saw it coming down the runway. The Chanel Heart bag, comes in 3 different sizes: the Belt Size, the Small Size and the Large Size. I’m drawn to Small size.

If you already have classic Chanel bag or you are looking to have a fun bag into your closet then the Chanel Heart Bag is for you. This will be an instant classic, and my guess – it will have a limited supply available.

Chanel Heart bag 22S

Blazer – M-Kae

Crop-top – ZARA

Denim midi skirt – Mango

Heels – ZARA

Sunglasses – NA-KD Fashion

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