Saturday at Jardin du Luxembourg

It’s where Parisians come to stroll and sit awhile – read, have a picnic or catch up with a friend. It’s where every day in Paris just happens. So beautifully.

One of the most beautiful parks in Paris is Jardin du Luxembourg. This isn’t just any garden in Paris that you can visit at all hours of the day. No, it’s that special. The garden is open from sunrise to sunset all year round.

What makes Luxembourg Paris garden so unique is that the gardens combine elements of Italian, French, and English landscape design. It consists of large rectangles of lawn with wide gravel pathways perfect for strolling.

Tucked away on the east side of the palace is where you’ll find the famous Médicis Fountain from 1620.
Spread throughout the nearly 60 acres of Jardin du Luxembourg are 106 statues. The statues feature the past Queens and famous women of France.
My absolute favourite thing is seeing those battered green metal garden chairs.
I love how some are upright and lined up perfectly while others may be tipped over or at an odd angle. They give the park a casual yet quintessential Paris chic look.

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