Pointy shoes – Trendy

The pointy shoes are nothing new, but seem to increase in popularity indeed. I’m also pretty sure that the comeback of kitten heels made the pointy style more popular as a lot of the kitten heels have been done in a pointy style.

It is quite easy to style them – anything you have in your wardrobe! Here is some style inspiration:

  • Love the business chic look. Stylish to go for the same colour shades.
  • Love the denim vibe such a fresh look for spring and adorable with colourful shoes.
  • Love leggings/pants with a slit – perfect with pointy shoes. They balance each other so well.
  • Love the beige tones in the outfit. The balance of layering the dress/skirt and the jacket.

Pointy shoes – Zara

Blazer – Massimo Dutti

Belt – Zara (similar)

Bag – Gucci

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