Over the centuries, artists played a great role in investigating and depicting the feminine, often achieving great outcomes. For a long time, however, the woman’s body was a taboo, and only some of its deepest nuances came alive in art.

Picasso for example was focusing on the geometry of the bodies, turning them into complex yet simple constructs. The graceful curves of Gentileschi have become sharp and jagged, as the artist is no longer seeking out silhouettes and perfection, nor bold and contrasting colour palettes.

In more recent years the body represents is its own figure. It is an organic expression of the vital reality in artistic creation. The female body as a subject in art is used less as a manifestation of real life than as portrayal of ideals of beauty and its evolution serves as a cultural mirror of the times.

“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art”.
― Paul Cezanne


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