Vest-Set Trend

A major trend that we’ve seen pop up everywhere, from the runways to the street style – vest tops have carved themselves out as a tailored suiting essential.

I’m a huge fan of matching sets, but this takes it to a whole new level. While I own several suits, none of them include a vest top, and I can’t get enough of the menswear-inspired fashion that it adds to the look.

Wearing a suit vest is often considered old-fashioned, but it’s notably making a comeback. In the past few decades, this traditional look has fallen by the wayside but was never considered out of style.

Now is a great time to fall back in love with the classic three-peace suit! You can very easily incorporate a suit vest into your wardrobe, and it will instantly revitalize your look.

Cropped tailored vest – Zara

Full length pants – Zara

Cropped top – Dynamite Clothing

Belt – Dynamite Clothing

Faux-fur coat – Zara

Shoes – Converse

Chanel Flap Bag – CHANEL // Holt Renfrew Canada

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