Fashion Accessories

Let’s talk about fashion accessories – hats are one of my favourites! A hat can completely change the look. An outfit can go from simple to interesting just by adding a stylish hat.

Since a stylish hat is an accessory that you can wear all year long, this is something you could slowly start adding to your wardrobe and wearing once in a while, if you haven’t already. It’s not how you wear a hat but what you pair with your hat, it’s the outfit itself.

You can wear a hat with anything you wish: jeans, dresses, blazers, skirts, or trousers and heels.

Wool fedora hats are my favourite style of hats to wear. Also, look for fur felt fedoras, a bit more expensive but the hats are high quality, and you’ll keep them forever.

Wool fedora hat – Zara (similar)

Turtleneck – FashionNova

Jeans – Dynamite Clothing

Knee-high boots – Steve Madden

Belt – Dynamite Clothing (similar)

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