In my Leopard Era

Leopard print is already a timeless trend that looks great on classic outerwear pieces. This pattern can go a long way in livening up any outfit. Another great thing about this cool staple is the contrasting colours that make you noticed in the crowd.

There is no better shortcut to looking sophisticated, glamour and predacious than by throwing on a leopard coat. Today, I want to show you chic way how to wear this great print in the street wear look.

You can accentuate it with something neutral yet interesting, something that has become your winter favourite. For example, I paired it with balaclava – a trend so highly requested among the influencers. Faux- leather pants and turtleneck finish this chic outfit.

If you want to invest in a wear-forever coat, I’d recommend this classic leopard coat, the ultimate wardrobe staple that suits anyone, defying any trend.

Leopard coat – Veromoda (sold out – similar)

Balaclava – H&M (sold out – similar)

Faux-leather leggings – Zara

Heels – Zara (similar)

Chanel Flap Bag – CHANEL // Holt Renfrew Canada

Sunglasses – Na-KD Fashion

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