Sweater as a Scarf

Wearing sweater as a scarf is a very popular trend right now. Sweaters are already an indispensable winter clothing item, so why not also wear it as a scarf? 😉

If you’re wearing a coat or jacket, you can wrap the sweater around your neck as you would do with a big scarf or you can tie it loosely and let it drape back. You could also match the sweater to the colour of your outwear or you could create a contrast and let it bring in a pop of colour.

Another way to wear a sweater as a scarf is to leave it untied. Just let it lie and drape over you shoulders or tuck one of the sleeves to the other side like the outfit in the middle. Also this looks really chic with wool and cashmere sweaters.

Sweater as a scarf – H&M

Wool blazer – NA-KD Fashion

Leggings – ZARA

Crop top – Dynamite Clothing

Knee-high boots – Lemon Jelly Shoes

Bag – Aldo shoes

Sunnies – ZARA

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