How do I look?

Why the elevator photos are the key to major fashion moments? What’s the deal with elevator mirrors and silver walls? Well, for some it opens up the space and provides a welcome distraction – your beautiful face, and for the inherently stylish, the elevator atmosphere holds the secret to a major fashion moment! It’s all about controlling and perfecting your image – and there’s no better place to do that than in the flattering confines of the elevator.

Because let’s face it: with hair and makeup just done and clothes fresh off the hanger, those 45 seconds will probably be the best you look all day. The best principle of the elevator is a great effect of the pictures. So why would you not capture that magical moment before those mirrored doors open and it vanishes for good?

Mini dress – ZARA (sold out) love this one

Trench coat – Maison Simons

Heels – ZARA

Sunglasses – NA-KD Fashion

Bag – Aldo shoes

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