Il Makiage

With online beauty sales booming, it’s clear that we’ve learned to love buying make-up via our phones, rather than heading into a store. But while it might be easy to add a favourite lipstick or trusted eye palette straight into that virtual cart, foundation remains the final frontier. With so many nuances in shades, not to mention undertones, selecting a base product without an in-person swatching session remains risky.

PowerMatch algorithm to lead you to your perfect bottle of its signature Woke Up Like This foundation, which comes in 50 shades.

There is no intrigue, what you need to do is pass the quiz. The quiz itself is pretty straightforward: questions progress from your skin type (so far, so standard), onto your preferred method of application, and finally a set of questions to determine your exact skin tone. And voilà your perfect match is sent to you.

If after receiving and trying your foundation you find that the colour doesn’t perfectly match your skin, you will be sent another one for free. Isn’t it amazing?! You will receive a gift – foundation brush and an extra ”magic” gift which might be an eyeliner (as I got) or a lipstick.

Do I like it personally? I actually kind of…love it? The coverage is indeed major, yet it doesn’t feel like a heavy-duty foundation at all: in fact, I completely forget I’m wearing it during the day. The finish is a little more matte and velvety than I’d normally go for, but it doesn’t feel dry or cakey, even after a full day’s wear. And the shade? Going against all expectations, mine was perfect.

Give it a try! It worth it!

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