Winter Layers

Living in Canada it is not easy to stay fashionable during cold winters. This past week the thermometer hit -25 degrees. Lots of layers is what you need! It allows you to stay warm and cozy while out and about in winter weather, but still easily remove layers when entering a warm building.

Of course there aren’t any hard and fast rules for layering clothes when it comes to fashion, but there are a few tips and tricks to help a beginner start the process of learning how to layer clothes for winter. Once you become familiar with the steps, you can experiment with lots of different options.

Vests, sweaters, open or knotted button downs, blazers and cardigans are all good options for your layers. Since more of this clothing item will be shown, think about introducing texture, colour and patterns. This item still needs to fit well and be comfortable when worn above your base layer.

For the outer layer, any type of coat, jacket, trench, poncho, cape, shawl or even a vest can work. Obviously, this will be the most exposed piece and the wrap that ties all your other layers together.

Now that you have all of your layers in place, it’s time to add accessories. Use a scarf, hat, or handbag to compliment your individual pieces or add an extra level of interest. The possibilities are endless for layering clothes!

Coat – Dynamite Clothing

Leather Leggings – Dynamite Clothing

Sweatshirt – H&M men

Hat / Gloves – ZARA

Boots – DrMartens

Scarf – Dynamite Clothing

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