Autumn Walks

There’s nothing like the crisp sound of crunching autumnal leaves beneath your feet! Now is the perfect time to experience the outdoors. Go find the amazing array of colours in woodlands or parks around you. Grab your cozy favourite sweater, walking boots and head outside on one of these autumn walks.

Autumn is a great season to spend time outside. The temperature is pleasant, as it’s not too hot and not too cold, the leaves are falling and the colours in nature are changing. Plenty of reasons to go out and celebrate the season of colour!

Warm blankets, hot drinks and candles… Finding the motivation to go outside in the colder seasons can be hard. For many people, the outdoor season officially ends after summer and does not reappear until spring. I believe the outdoor season lasts all year long and autumn is one of my favourite seasons to go outside!

One big appeal of autumn is the changing of colours from a bright green to different warmer tones. Autumn literally bursts with colour and walking around in it will make you appreciate nature even more. It is a great idea to take your camera with you, so you can capture the colours you see. Breathe in autumn!

Sweater dress – Dynamite Clothing (similar) // Faux Leather Blazer – ZARA

Knit Binnie & Mittens – ZARA // Rubber Boots – Love Moschino // Bag – ZARA

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