People generally recognize you by your face, the eyeglasses you choose to wear are a very real part of your identity. Whether you want to appear sophisticated, fun-loving, youthful, conservative or style-conscious, the right eye-wear can help you shape how you are perceived. And if you choose to wear only one pair of eyeglasses for everything you do, that says something about you, too!

We all like convenience. But the truth is, there are many aspects to your life and personality. And to complement your multi-dimensional lifestyle, you need more than one pair of eyeglasses. New eyeglasses are a great way to update your look without buying a whole new wardrobe.


Like fashion itself, the shapes, silhouettes and colors of accessories change with the times. Usually the coolest new looks are the hardest to find, but new pair of sunglasses can be combined with older clothes to create an outfit that looks new and fresh. My choice today is a NEW pair of MIU MIU sunglasses. I was smitten on the spot with the cat-eye frame and gradient lens accentuated with sparkling stones.


Here are some tips for how to choose eyeglasses:

  1. Consider your shape face – some frame shapes can make the curves and angles of your face look disproportionate, depending on how your face is shaped.
  2. Consider your personality – glasses can also be used as a fashion statement. Certain frame styles can suggest a lot about your personality.
  3. Consider colour – determine your coloring and choose an appropriate color of frame based on that. For the purpose of eyeglasses, everyone is either classified as cool (blue-based) or warm (yellow-based). I am more blue-based person. I like cold shadows.
  4. Mind your budget – you can still buy a quality pair of eyeglasses without paying a fortune. Start with classic frames that you can combine with almost anything. Later, you can buy another one!


”What you wear represents you to the world, especially now, when communication between people is so fast. Fashion is a universal Language that everyone understands.”

Miuccia Prada ”MIU MIU”

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