Rawdon Park


Motivation is not an unlimited wellspring but a battery that has to be kept fully charged. While the idea of travel is always inspiring, sometimes life gets in the way and then suddenly, your eyes are no longer on the prize. Motivated people can achieve anything they set their mind to. But how does one stay motivated, especially to travel, when you are busy working and living life while your family or friends disparage your ideas, you’re overwhelmed planning your trip, or maybe you’re just burnt out from being on the road? It’s important to find ways to stay motivated. 🙂

I am always excited about my future trips. I’m constantly researching destinations online, reading news from overseas, and generally getting to know the world better, at least the area where I live. Canada is perfect destination for travelers. Every province is gorgeous and full of places to discover. My next destination is Rawdon Park – a nice little park in the city of Rawdon near Queen street in QC province which is worth to visit. The site is composed with stairs and trails to see the falls. A 2.5 km ecological trail running along the gorge where Ouareau River flows. It is a good place to relax and have a picnic while visiting the Lanaudière region. The park was used to film some scenes of the movie ”Timeline” around 2003. A rock formation near the falls looks like a face which is associated with a local Indian legend of Nipissingue the Sorcerer.


The walking trails are interesting, but not overly long, so that they are not tiring. Beware of strong currents in the river. So many people tempt fate by diving and swimming in areas that are not designated for these activities. Along the pathways there are markers which identify and describe the wild plants indigenous to the surrounding forest. The cost is very reasonable and there is one very good point – if you visit one place you have access to two more places free: city beach and ”Parc des Cascades”. So you can plan your visit for one long day from the morning till the evening. At the morning you can visit Falls Park then go to city beach (very good sand beach) and finally go to the ”Parc des Cascades”  and have a dinner there.

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Of course it is for summer season. And in winter all places are free to visit! You can go to the Falls Park and City beach but not to swim there but to sledge, skiing and very nice skating! There is a little snack bar and also you can bring your food and also make a BBQ in this park. While many tourists come to visit, it is never so crowded that one cannot find a secluded spot to sit and soak in the sound of rushing waters.


Discovering the enchanting site of Dorwin Falls, on the Ouareau River let you be charmed by the magic of the century-old pine forest. The name Dorwin provokes several debates. Certain people say Darwin, others Dorwin. The name Dorwin seems right since it perpetuates the memory of Jedediah Hubbell Dorwin, former owner of the land and lumber yard. On May 16th, 1967, it became a recreational park.

”The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson

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  1. какая замечательная природа. Там, наверное, от чистого воздуха голова кружится ))))

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