Sunshine Essentials


Summer means pool, beach and lots of sun! Today, I want talk about some of my essentials for these hot days of fun and happiness at the beach or at the pool.
This year I discovered some new products for summer and there are suntan lotions and sunscreens from Vichy and L’Oreal. They have an amazing smell and that is very important for me because I am very special with this kind of things, plus they give to your skin a lot of moisturize which is amazing, specially during summer when I have my skin dry.

To achieve adequate UV protection you should use products that provide broad spectrum protection, which means protection against both UVB and UVA rays. For broad spectrum protection, look for products that provide an SPF of at least 15 and contain ingredients like Avobenzone or zinc oxide.

Speaking about my choice today – Vichy 50+… Oh my gosh what a nice sunscreen! It smells like my ideal perfume, makes me feel clean and fresh especially on days I’ve just washed my hair, silky to apply and becomes matt and powdery on the skin. I would say though there is still a tiny bitty hint of white cast from the powdery effect but I like that, because it helps to soften and even my face which I now wear alone instead of foundation. When I stroke my face, it feels so soft and velvety. I’ve found the best way to wear this to make it ideal due to there being lots of contradictory reviews of it being either greasy or too dry.

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Advanced Suncare L’Oreal 30+ is the first-ever Invisible Protect Dry Oil Spray SPF 30. This unique formula contains a nourishing blend of vitamin E, argan oil, shea butter oil, grape seed oil and sunflower oil for silky, smooth skin. Its patent-pending polymer technology acts as an invisible shield for the skin for improved water resistance, protection and effectiveness. The spray function is a great touch, you can spray and it rubs in easily. The best part is the protection! I was pleased to find it because usually oils absorb more sun and you can burn easily.


What are your favourite products for summer? Thank you so much for your comments.
To be continued…

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