Caribbean Life Diary 4


Today’s post is the last one about my Caribbean trip. There are so many pictures and memories about this incredible paradise that I still want to share with you!

For the last page of my Caribbean life diary I want to tell you about Saona Island and Manati Park, extremely virgin and wild places… only the sound of the birds, the beach waves… a special peace.  

Let’s start our journey from Manati Park – an incredible landscape of wonderful gardens overflowing with orchids and tropical plants. Experience nature, and come into contact with the fauna and flora of the Dominican Republic. Visit the iguanas, flamingos, tropical birds, snakes, crabs, sea lions, dolphins …. you can touch them and discover their world under the safety of the experienced keepers, who will answer your questions.


Please meet dolphin Oliver, the most kind and clever guy. 🙂 Swim with the dolphins and feel the freedom.




The next and final stop is at Saona Island. Isla Saona is a 42 square kilometer Caribbean oasis off the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. Originally named “Adamanay” by the Taino Indians, the island was renamed by Christopher Columbus, during his second voyage to the Americas in 1494. The name, “Saona”, commemorated his friend Michele da Cuneo, from Savona, Italy.

Isla Saona is, currently, the most popular excursion offered in the Dominican Republic. The island is the quintessential tropical beach with swaying palm trees, bone white sand and lapping turquoise waters. The unbelievable trip starts from catamaran, very smooth and fun, where you will be served different soda or cocktail and enjoy merengue course dancing.

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You will have an opportunity to dive after starfishes in the East National Park that it is the government protected national reserve and a great place to watch marine life. 🙂




You can see as well your childhood dream – a talking parrot. 🙂


One of the world’s greatest beach strips is centered at Punta Cana and Bávaro on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. This stretch of beachfront goes on for about 30km (20 miles) and is renowned for its all-inclusive resorts, the largest concentration in the Caribbean. The beaches here are wide, filled with golden sand, gorgeous, and safe for swimming all year. If you walk over the seaside you will find lots of wild beaches as well.


I hope you enjoyed the pics and spirit of this trip that I shared with you!

Thank you so much for your comments!

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  1. Мне эта часть понравилась больше всего….очень красочные фотографии. Маша, спасибо, что поделилась своими впечатлениями. Жаль, что это последняя часть (((

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