Caribbean Life Diary 3

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Hello Everyone! Today, we continue our trip in Dominican Republic. The siren song beckoning us to the Caribbean beach. We have long acknowledged that there is something about millions of grains of sand massaged by waves that simply and totally intoxicates us. But in a region full of great beaches and great hotels, it is not always easy to find the right ones, the ones that have the perfect mix of beach and hotel quality. So what you can do at all-inclusive luxury resort? You can make your stay HAPPY – visiting sightseeing and exploring the seaside area. 

1. Start your day with a beautiful sunrise. There is so much power and simplicity in watching the sunrise. Breathe the air, watch the morning light and hear the first noises.

Bavaro Sunrise, Dominican Republic

2. Make a classic shooting at the ocean. 🙂 I’ve always loved bikinis. But lately I’ve realized that swimsuits are so comfy too, such as the one I’m wearing in these pictures.

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3. Have fun with your kids, most precious time in the world… build sand castles and catch these moments.

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4. Walk at the beach area, explore nature and think for 5 minutes at someone you love.


5. Find local markets with souvenirs and folk art. The paintings are usually oil on canvas and are colorful, stylized, and have a unique Dominican style. Buy the one for yourself and don’t lose it at the airport!


6. Enjoy lunch at the Sea Food Restaurant and be grateful for something 5 minutes. 🙂


7. Make a drive to a beautiful lagoon between rocks and yes, you should visit at least one in your life.

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8. Relax on the beach, enjoy the crystalline waters or explore the tropical surrounds on a boat ride.

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9. Drink Pina Colada or another fresh cocktail from coco or pineapple admiring the view!




10. Choose a scene of the day while enjoying your dinner with family. Go through your entire day and fulfill yourself with the emotions you relived.


11. See another beautiful sunset from many many that still will be in your life… Enjoy the silence and do NOTHING. Just feel it and let it spread over your mind and body.

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12. Come back tomorrow to a Macao wild beach and make a gorgeous photo shooting cause you are blogger! 🙂






To be continued…

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