Picnic in Lilac Time


Summer is a perfect time to have picnics in parks or neighborhood area. Today, I want to share with you my emotions and outfit of this sunny picnic. Sitting there on the grass, we got to enjoy an interesting assortment of cheese, sandwiches, fruits and lots of chocolates. Of course, a sparkling cider always helps improving the experience :). I absolutely love the most amazing fruity and refreshing taste of it, with a hint of apples, pears and honeysuckle.

As the springtime is usually late here in Canada, we enjoy our summertime in lilac paradise! As you can see in the pictures, the blossoming lilac makes the place and time unique, and fits perfectly with the picnic’s decorum. Its smell brings out summer smiles, freshness of flowers and positive vibes… A mix of sensations which reminds me to appreciate these moments of our life.

My look for this occasion? A dress with a flower design and lilac as well and my best smile! 🙂 Hope you enjoy this post and will be looking forward to hearing from you.














Peplum dress – Boohoo // Bag – Rebecca Minkoff // Sandals – Calvin Klein

Watch – Armani Exchange // Accessories – Aldo


  1. Ana

    My superb flower mom!!!!

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    1. Thanks so much, my dear🌸🌸🌸


  2. kate

    по-моему, идеальный пикник!!! Какой же аромат у сирени…мммм. В Минске сирень тоже цветет с запозданием на один месяц.

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    1. Я участвую в конкурсе “Пикник в Монреале”, если выиграю напечатают в журнале. Спасибо за позитив, Катюша!!!💐


      1. kate

        у тебя есть все шансы! желаю удачи!

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      2. Спасибо, Катюш🌸


  3. Roula

    Spring is finally here & your outfit reflects the beauty of flowers, nature & outdoor living!!!

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  4. Roula

    oupsss I mean SUMMERRRRR lol

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    1. Thank you, Roula!!!🌸🌸🌸 Love lilac, the smell is gorgeous. This photo session is a part for a new project to be issued in one Montreal magazine. Hope I will win.😘


  5. Kate

    когда будут объявлены результаты конкурса? я держу за тебя кулочки! Хочу видеть тебя на обложке, ты заслуживаешь.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Спасибо, Катюша! Только через месяц))) очень надеюсь на удачу, потому как остальное вроде есть😋☺️


  6. what a lovely spread and dress!! Makes me want to go on a picnic now 😊

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    1. Thank you so much😘💐


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