Alpha Aviator


The Aviator Parka or Bomber Jacket is an icon of enduring style. Since its inception a century ago, it has clothed the backs of war time fighter pilots, movie stars and A-list footballers. As with most menswear classics, the aviator parka / bomber jacket started life as a military jacket. With the introduction of air combat during WWII, pilots required jackets that could be worn in cramped cockpits at high altitude. Since then, the aviator / bomber jacket has gained popularity among youth subcultures like much of the military wear that came before it.

If you follow me, you’ve probably realized that I am in love with the men’s fashion! I often check out the latest collection for men. The aviator jacket for today’s outfit is from Alpha. Alpha Industries were producing bombers and flight jackets for the military during the 1950s. Since then up until the ’80s the MA-1 model was US Army standard issue. Now, they are produced on a commercial scale but still retain the high quality and vintage feel of those original jackets distributed throughout the armed forces since the ’50s.


Sow how to style out the aviator jacket in women’s fashion? Nowadays, women borrow a lot of clothes from men wardrobe and style out it deferentially; everything depends from your vision. The jacket can be paired with pants, jeans, skirt or even dress. There is a lot of variation how to style out it. Just keep it simple, classic and understated.






Aviator Jacket – Alpha Industries // Pants – Zara // Shoes – Mango 

Bag – Love Moschino // Belt – Zara Accessories // Watch – Armani Exchange 

Head Scarf & Accessories – Aldo

9 thoughts on “Alpha Aviator

  1. Маша, у тебя очень здорово получается выбирать образы и комбиновать одежду! Супер, мне нравится.

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  2. Фотки шикарные. Ты как всегда на них просто красавица.О таком жакете и не знала раньше. То есть знала что есть такой фасон, но не знала названия и истории к нему. Спасибо

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    • Спасибо, Irina, очень приятно🌷 Я давно приметила такой жакет, как вы знаете я частый посетитель в мужских отделах; рада, что удалось привнести что-то новое)))


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