Pinky Vibes


Hello Everyone! It seems that spring is finally here in Montreal. In need of a little pink inspiration — I wanted to create a spring look based on a pale pink colour.

Pink is a hue traditionally associated with all things “girly.” For some reason (call it instinct; call it social conditioning), a lot of women, including myself, are simply drawn to the Barbie shade. Pink puts me in a gleeful mood and brings out the daintier side of my personality, and I must say, pink fashion gets me in a dreamy, almost nostalgic state of mind. The feeling could be described as being transported to a fairytale land of whimsy and magic. Maybe it’s because pink (and pastel colors in general) are commonly associated with candy and sweets — and, to my mind, all my girly childhood dreams.

Today’s outfit is full of small pink details such as mix of pale pink shorts and Coccinelle bag which is almost nude; accessories and makeup with the combination of over-the-knee boots, white comfy sweater and beige trench.









Shorts – Zara // Sweater – Old // Trench – Mango // Over-the-knees – Choies

Bag – Coccinelle // Watch – Bamboo Gucci // Necklace – Swarovski

10 thoughts on “Pinky Vibes

  1. очень нежный, и в тоже время интересный образ, не скучный. Молодец, Маша!
    P.S. часы – мечта


    • Kate, спасибо очень приятно🌷 Хоть на улице ещё достаточно свежо, но очень хочется тепла и весеннего настроения!


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