Soul Revolution


It is hard to find the balance in life which is key to everything; to live in harmony with yourself and confidence in the future. Every day we are balancing on the precipice ready to break at any moment and at that very moment it is so important to have someone who will always support and  will tell you the right way… and if there is no one to be there for you, we just fall down nowhere. What helps you to stay afloat? What feeds your ideas and goals every day and makes you keep going forward? Certainly, Love. Of course, Family and Friends, that make your life filled with emotions; and yet we are encouraged by the love of self-esteem and development.

All the people from time to time break the rules but they rarely even think for a moment that they might be caught and when it happens they are just asking for forgiveness, and in most of the way – they get it. However, some actions are so terrible that excite only a general aversion. How to avoid such a fate? Perhaps, most important is to know what rules can be violated and which can not be! Unfortunately, not every one understands this… we cannot force them to do so, even explain – they will be still incapable to accept this truth because of the simple dogma HUMANITY that they don’t have in their blood.

You can learn how to find something inspiring in every day, in every hour, in every minute and it is up to you to make your day cozy and warm or gray and overcast; you can explore your city far and wide, explore the neighborhood and to breathe deeply to feel the moment, the rhythm of your breath and to love yourself no matter what kind of people or obstacles confront your life. #positivevibes







Leather Italian Jacket – PieroTucci // Shirt – Mandarino // Jeans – AJ

Clutch – MINI // Sneakers – Jordan Air Laser // Watch – Seiko // Necklace – Zara

7 thoughts on “Soul Revolution

  1. Your post is so expressive Masha; I do agree with you 100%!!!
    Love your outfit as usual, classy, sylish & original!!!


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