Rock it!


I want to dispel the myth that rock and gothic style in fashion as a rule, is always gloomy and supported by the representatives of the same name subculture. Their clothing is dark, and consists of trousers, shirts, corsets and magnificent skirts. They wear silver skull and crosses around the neck. From this style emanates a certain tenderness and world beyond the grave, as members of society prefer gothic pale complexion framed by dark hair, black lips, nails and eyeliner. And this way of supporting both girls and boys. Thus, according to the majority, gothic clothing – it is a certain way to express your feelings and dark thoughts. 

Today, I would like to show you how you can create such a rock and light gothic outfit. Nowadays, gothic clothing is in great demand. Gothic image almost entirely woven from black tones, so people who choose it often deterred by the appearance of others, but I am convinced that they would rather protect themselves from the black thoughts of ”others”. However, the features of gothic and rock styles – always black silk velvet or leather, high-heel boots with thick soles, thorns, corsets, short lush skirts or dresses in Lolita style and silver accessories. Today’s outfit is about several elements – sweatshirt with thorns 😉 that I combined with a black ”Lolita dress”, worn as a skirt and a leather jacket.











Sweatshirt – SheIn // Dress worn as a skirt – Old // Leather Italian Jacket – PieroTucci 

Over-the-knee socks – Asos // Bag – Rebecca Minkoff // Boots – Högl

Sunglasses – Ray Ban // Watch – Michael Kors


  1. kate

    Классная курточка. И да, повотряюсь, ножки безконечные!
    Мне очень импонирует этот стиль. Стиль с характером.


    1. Спасибо, Kate 🤗 Я давно хотела создать такой образ; рада что понравилось 😍


  2. Ana

    I can’t stop watching you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG! You are so sweet 🙂 XOXO


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