Collagen Masks


Hello, Everyone! Today is another beauty post, and I want to share my own experience about collagen masks. There are a number of treatment options for those who want to look younger, from cosmetic surgery to laser skin resurfacing, but when it comes to ease of use and avoiding after-procedure downtime, a collagen mask may be a useful option for some people. These masks are designed to rejuvenate skin and boost collagen production to tighten skin and get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen mask kits can be purchased at spas, pharmacies, and beauty supply outlets, as well as through a multitude of online retailers. My choice today is Satin Smooth Ultimate Collagen Lift Mask. 

While masks like this can be beneficial to the skin, anyone who uses them should temper their expectations for rapid results and make an effort to understand how to increase collagen and improve aging skin. Therefore, before as you consider using a collagen mask, take the time to understand your skin type, how the mask will work to address your specific problems, and whether you might suffer from any side effects. Since I discovered such Milk&Honey Collagen Masks that have an excellent addition to my skin – serum, my skin/body care routine helped me to brighten, tighten and even change my skin-texture.


Face masks are generally seen as a bit of a luxury, something to do on those rare moments when everyone is out of the house and the bath is brimming with bubbles. Being as a mom of a 3 y.o. kid, I do not have honestly time for the Aesthetic Clinics, but I can find time for bi-weekly face masks. For my dry skin I do one for extracting impurities and loosening pore plugs that could become spots – Zorah Biocosmetique Mud masks with a little chemical exfoliation; and another one to deliver a super-nutrient shot of a hydration, to help firm and tighten, to soothe the skin – Satin Smooth Ultimate Collagen Masks. 

Several years ago, I was very skeptical for such masks… During the natural aging process, the skin loses elastin and collagen, and over time, the skin loses its ability to snap back into place after being pulled. While there is no effective way to replace the skin’s elastin, as the body mostly stops producing it in early childhood, the skin’s collagen continues to be rejuvenated throughout your lifetime. With some treatments, like collagen pills, or a collagen serum, the body’s own natural production cycle can be amplified in a variety of ways. While some treatments can be expensive and painful, such as collagen injections, others are safer and not as costly, such as a collagen mask, for example.

At the end, I would like to say that every girl has its own secret how to look young, fresh and beautiful… but the most precious beauty is inside of you. Do not forget this 🙂


To be continued…

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