Makeup Foundation Review

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Hello, Everyone! I receive frequently questions from you guys, which beauty products I use in order to keep my face “nude”, clean and fresh! Today’s beauty post is about how to choose the right makeup foundation and my own review on several products.

Foundation is an important facet of a makeup – the blank canvas on which the rest of your makeup is applied. It is the base for any makeup application – to hide facial imperfections such as scars, depressions and pigmented areas of the skin. According to Cindy Crawford, foundation is the most individualized makeup you wear. Foundation is not merely about adding color to your skin but also as a protective covering from the drying sun, wind and air conditioning. I prepared for you a small review of beauty products I use frequently and recommend. 😉

The very first step I use is always a base but I am, as well, a big fan of primers! I feel like if you moisturize your face properly you’ll keep it fresh and your foundation will stay longer. Here are my 2 favourite products:

Liquid foundation is probably the most versatile and suitable choice for all skin types. Liquid formulations are easy to use and they come as thick liquid in a bottle. They are available in oil-based and water-based formulas. So you can choose the best option for you, depending which type of skin you have! The texture is super light. It glides easily over the skin and has a really smoothing and brightening effect that really doesn’t look like foundation but just a unified complexion. Speaking about my own experience, I can say that the texture is weightless and blends like a dream, providing sheer to light coverage that diffuses flaws yet let’s your natural skin tone show through. Shake well the bottle before each use, it dries quickly!


Cream Foundation is ideal for dry skin. These are usually creamy and offer excellent coverage to the skin. Their advantage is heavier coverage and more intense moisturizing properties. Women with normal, dry and especially an extra-dry skin can opt for these. This is my perfect choice, especially in winter when my skin needs an extra moisture and protection. I use MAC Studio Sculpt foundation for almost 5 years already and I am pretty satisfied with it! It has a very creamy texture that absorbs quickly but does not have oily effect, which is great!


Spray Foundation is another type of foundations which is used to retain the makeup for long hours. You can just spray them over your makeup to refresh it at any time. I find this option is amazing for summer time. The lightweight formula ultimately leaves skin smooth to the touch without any cracking. My choice for summer is Dior Airflash which has a great coverage and has a semi matte finish which I like! The only minus that I can find – is that it finishes very quickly and does make your face lighter with flash photography. 

5 thoughts on “Makeup Foundation Review

  1. Дождалась!!!! спасибо, Машуня, правильные вещи написала.
    Мой последний выбор – Lancome teint miracle. Мне важно было выбрать для сухой, с шелушением, кожи. Когда в магазине (в Венгрии) нанесли, мне понравилось. А вот дома когда нанесла, мне показалось, что шелушения кожи только еще больше подчеркнулись ((((( Жаль, в Минске нет M.A.C., у меня до сегодняшнего утра был тон от M.A.C, сегодня утром я его разбила (((((


    • Kate, Катюш, я настоятельно рекоммендую увлажняющий крем+базу или прймер+потом тоналку. Праймер сгладит шелушение и неровности кожи и тоналка ляжет легко. Lancome тоже хорошая серия. Попробуй в такой последовательности наносить, особенно зимой😉🌷


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