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Canadian winter can be tough, especially, when -20C outside it is not a limit! Montreal island is surrounded by water, and it is extremely cold because of the freezing wind and humidity. The temperatures may feel colder than the actual temperature. If the weather forecast prognosis -16C with windchill you may feel it as -29C.

In such weather you want to feel warm and protected from cold and piercing wind. In today’s outfit I am wearing long wool coat that covers me from such wind. You might see that details make the whole difference of an outfit! Do you remember the look I showed you about an over-sized coat? Do you find it similar but at the same time there is something fresh, right? This is how you play with layers and combine things that make your outfit different from the other one. 🙂

Above all, don’t let winter get you down. The cold, dark months can be discouraging, but they won’t last forever. While they are here, fight off their chill and gloom by getting together with your friends, taking up a new hobby, spending time with your family, trying something new and fun… and planning what to do when the good weather comes. Even in the depths of winter, springtime is just around the corner. 😉








Meeting friendly squirrels 🙂


… and ducks 😉



Oversized wool coat – Asos // Over-the-knee boots – Choies // Jeans – AG //

Turtle-neck sweater – Le Château // Hat – Zara // Scarf – Armani Exchange

 Bag – L.A.M.B. // Gloves – United Colours of Benetton

6 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. Белка и утка очень дополнили фото сессию))) Честно говоря всегда думала, что сапоги по колено и пальто ниже колен вместе не сочетаются. В очередной раз нашла что-то новое для себя на этом блоге. Спасибо!


    • Спасибо, Irina! Да белок, уток и сурков здесь много и все очень дружелюбные😉 Очень рада, если удалось сподвигнуть на что-то новенькое!


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