Top Favourite Fragrances

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I do not do as much beauty posts as I would like on my blog so that is why today’s post is all about my Top Favourite Fragrances! I love good perfumes and smelling good makes me feel amazing! Perfumes are like an accessory – they complete an outfit!

My favourite type of scent is fresh and fruity smell, something sweet is not really me but there are exceptions. 🙂 I like stronger perfumes too but some of them can give me a headache. For example, I find Fendi sweet but I never have a headache after it. I wouldn’t say I am picky when it comes to perfumes but I do like certain types as you do for sure.

My 1st choice is ”Chanel Chance” fragrance! It was love from the first sight and first smell! I really love it and I feel it is great for every day wear, very fresh and feminine. It has a very soft and clean feel – super floral and fruity. I also like a lot the bottle design. It’s simple but crisp like the perfume itself! 

The 2nd place I would give to Ralph Lauren. ”Dream. Dare. Laugh. Love.” This fragrance is a combination of sparkling green apple leaves, zesty orange mandarin, charismatic pink magnolia, seductive purple freesia and soft blue musk that explodes into a colourful floral fragrance. If your taste is somewhere between fresh and sweet – this fragrance is, definitely, for you!

”Fan di Fendi” takes the 3rd place and it is the fragrance you just adore to adore. ”Like a hit refrain, it’s insistent, addictive and irresistible. Electrifying you, possessing you, haunting you. Getting under your skin, inhabiting you.” It seduces you from the first experience.

The 4th place goes to… Victoria’s Secret! ”Bombshell” – is a spirited fragrance… carefree and youthful but not juvenile. I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist after I spritzed it on… This scent is pretty good for everyday scent. It also lasts for pretty long time. It starts off strong – sharp, citrus, semi-sweet, with a hint of floral smell. ”Heartbraker” – is a great one from VS, and I love that it’s not that overpowering like many of their other fragrances. A neutral scent that, generally, most people wouldn’t mind that type of combination of citrus, bergamot and honeysuckle fragrance. What I also love in VS is that you can buy your beloved perfume in such bottles as you can see on the picture and not in fancy one, meaning you don’t overpay for an advertisement.

On the 5th place is Aroma Blue Lancôme. It is a refreshing and hydrating fragrance which contains minerals and energetic essential oils. Freshness of mandarin and peonies give a sense of purity. Unfortunately, it does not stay for a long that’s why it is on the last place for me.



To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Top Favourite Fragrances

  1. Было интересно почитать. Я сейчас принюхиваюсь, тоже любитель легких и свежих запахов. Но сейчас, с наступлением холодов, хочется чего-то “интенсивнее”. Маша, хотелось бы почитать о тональных основах, может будет желание поделиться опытом?


    • Спасибо, за отзыв Kate! У меня наоборот, с наступлением зимы не переношу никаких стойких и сильных запахов т.к. одежды много как капуста и запах дольше задерживается на одежде отсюда и головокружение.
      По поводу тональной основы, обязательно подумаю и поделюсь опытом. Спасибо за предложение 😍


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