Winter Layers

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Happy New Year 2016, Everyone! 🙂 The very first post on my blog in this year, I would like to start with such cozy warm look. Winter, finally, came to Canada, and we were blessed to have such a great weather for holidays! I love these first snowing days when the snow is so white, so bright and so fresh. You go out, and you do not have enough breathe in this fresh air. You are in wonderland… at this time of a year everyone believes in miracles.

Winters in Canada are cold but it does not mean that your outfit should be unflattering and boring, right?  In fact, in the cold season you have even more options to style your looks. I find that getting dressed has never been easier than nowadays. Besides the fact, that you can find and buy almost everything, all ideas for an outfit are acceptable. I think that the world of fashion has been always criticized. There will be always people who will like or dislike what you wear, and it is normal – we all have different taste.

Find the pieces that you like and feel comfortable in, match them with your wardrobe and create the looks. You can make both comfy and stylish outfits by using things you already have. The outfit idea you can spot below will have you looking cute and cozy at the same time. I love such layers in the outfit. If you follow me for a while, you know that I borrow sometimes clothes from the man wardrobe. I find this option is great, especially in cold season.







Shirt – Zara Man // Sweater – Esprit Man

Leather Pants – Mango // Belt – Zara // Knit Hat – Alter Ego

Uggs – Cape Robbin // Bag – Michael Kors

6 thoughts on “Winter Layers

  1. Шикарненький мужской кардиган. Я бы сама не додумалась бы в мужских коллекциях такое искать)) беру на заметку👍 Иноересно, когда до нашей Швейцарии такие угги доберутся😐


  2. Спасибо, Ирина. Кардиган и впрям завидный. Я в мужских отделах завсегдатая 😉 Нравятся мне уютные мужские модели! Угги, даа, вещь хотя до этой модели уггов не любила вообще))))


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