City Girl

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I consider myself as a typical city girl. The conditions of a big city life drove a modern woman into the rigid framework – she needs to be a valuable employee, a loving wife, a good housewife, a perfect mother and she still needs to look the best. It is not surprising that in order to survive and to do everything in a mad megalopolis, lady sometimes unconsciously turns into a kind of “universal soldier”. It is well-known fact that driving a car makes your life easier. Honestly, it completely changed my life! Besides of the comfort, it brings you to the necessity of changing your schedule and gives a new mode of a life. You think about going early in order not to be stuck in a traffic, it helps you to stay more focused on the details and things you do. At the same time, you do not depend on public transport and do not bother yourself about other people there which I find awesome! 

The rudeness on the road – that’s another issue that overshadows the life of modern urban women. Despite the fact that the number of women driving a car in metropolitan areas is almost equal to the army of men-drivers, the stereotype is still alive – driving woman is a danger. Therefore, the stronger gender often tries to put in to unpleasant conditions a lady riding an “iron horse”. I believe that the main woman’s weapon is a smile. Smile back, and the offender will immediately feel himself uncomfortable!

Today, I wanted to show you a typical city girl with a casual look which I find very comfortable for the everyday life. Obviously, I do not charge my car with a gas every day 🙂 but it happens once in a while. 🙂 I mentioned many times here on the blog, that the comfort is everything for me – I do like cozy-chic looks and comfy at the same time. 







Coat – United Colours of Benetton // Tan Boots – Asos

Sleveless Sweater – Armani Exchange // Top – River Island

Jeans – Zara // Knit Hat – Armani Exchange

Bag – Love Moschino // Bamboo Watch – Gucci // Sunglasses – Ray Ban

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