My Skin Care Routine

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Hello, Everyone! If you follow me, you probably managed that good looking is important for me. I think that the great look starts from your skin. I love good skin care! Makeup cannot work completely magic! You have to have a skincare routine in order to have good looking skin, which will then result in better looking makeup!

After trying many products for the skin care I, finally, found the best option for me – Zorah BioCosmètiques. This is a Canadian product that I am totally obsessed with and cannot believe how I was living without it! What I like about this particular line is that it helps to create a fresh look without feeling swollen after a night and has a perfect soft texture that covers your face/body as a silk. 

First thing that I do in the morning – I clean my face with Bioderma Sensibio H2O. I have normal / partly sensitive skin type, so it is kind of easy to maintain. I’m slightly oily on my t-zone, and my skin tends to be quite sensitive sometimes. I don’t really have very problematic skin. My skin care routine it’s pretty basic, but I do take of it because it is your face, and you are stuck with it for the rest of your life! 🙂   

I’ve been looking for a perfect morning eye cream for quite some time! I don’t like using anti-aging eye creams for now, so it is difficult to find one that suits  younger skin, and it is also good for under makeup. Zorah Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream – is absolutely perfect to wake you up and smooth the eye area. It has also Serum so it is, definitely, an anti-wrinkle cream. What I find great, is that you can use it over your make-up!

Zorah Pure Argan Face Cream – it is the toning and hydrating one that I use sometimes instead of MAC Prep+Prime. I find it is a great solution because it has a consistency of ”velvet finish” on your skin, and the foundation is almost invisible. I love this fresh and ”nude skin” look.

Zorah has the whole line of products for the body: scrubs, oils, creams, masks.  I always try out new products, but at the moment Zorah BIOrganic line is my favourite one.


To be continued…

5 thoughts on “My Skin Care Routine

  1. Оооо заинтриговала, жаль у нас этой косметики нет, я бы попробывала. Очень сложно найти “свой” крем.


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