Awesome Dinosaurs

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Winter is coming quickly… So what to do in the city when it’s getting cold? In my first post in this category, I was talking about Montreal activities already. Today, I wanted to share with you my good impressions from the informative exhibition for kids in Old Port of Montreal City. My kid is crazy about dinosaurs, that is why we were lucky to visit an opened exhibition in Science Center.

What I love about Montreal, is that all activities for kids are not simply ”to waste the time” but to learn something new. All parents will agree with me that kids are getting things better when they play! Mine enjoyed the cybernetic implants, display where you can fly as a bird just moving your hands, reaction timer and the parabolic sound amplifier. It’s like a small industrial city for kids where they can discover, touch, disassemble without being scary that they might break it. There are no restrictions, and lots of possibilities to share with your kids great emotions.

Sorry, guys just several pics inside because of the bad lighting…

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