Non-Boring Grey

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I decided to start my Monday with a life-asserting post, if we could say so. Everything in our lives happens for a reason. Smile through the tears and never ever give up! If you fall – get up and make it even better! My motto is: ”Through darkness comes light”. What we don’t realize is that these struggles are gifts from life itself. When we come face to face with a struggle, a low point in life, an illness, a relationship breakdown or financial ruin, at the time we are lost in darkness. Everything you are going through, every struggle, pain or hardship, is actually a gift. A gift that you are brought to your knees, where you question the purpose of your life. It is a gift because it asks you to go deeper into yourself and find the gold of who you are.

Please welcome my new outfit – easy to mix and wear, non-boring grey! You can find light everywhere. You just need to see it. 🙂 Have a great week, guys!





Coat – United Colours of Benetton // Sweater / Leather shorts – Armani

Over the knee socks – Asos // Booties – Lemon Jelly Shoes

Bag – L.A.M.B (Gwen Stefani) // Watch & accessories – Armani Exchange

Sunglasses – DKNY

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