Mocha Time

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”Mocha – Coffee with hot chocolate. Mocha – is melancholy. Thick and viscous. But even there the milk mocha. And the sweetness, the one that you will not find in espresso, for example. Her and feel at once, and each time did not really understand why it was ordered. Only then you remember, at the very moment when it becomes sweet.” Max Frye

As long as I remember myself, I was always in love with coffee smell but not the taste. I have an excuse :), I am a ”tea person” more than a coffee one… Until I did not taste mocha! Since then, I am in LOVE with coffee. I like to drink it, not because I need to wake up but because I want to feel this sweetness in my mouth and smile the whole day.

I started my weekend with double sweetness – my family and mocha! Today I let my son to choose what I should wear. And I will tell you guys, this BOY knows what he is talking about.






I am wearing: Dress & Cardigan – Halston Heritage

Raining Boots – Moschino // Bag & Watch – Michael Kors // Hat – Zara

My son wears: Quilted jacket – Fox Kids // Sneakers & Knit hat- Mexx Kids

Sporty Trousers & Hoody – Kids Gap

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